WordPress is the future that we at Marvelous Digital were waiting for. Online websites, made online, with a content management system (CMS) anybody can use, even from a smartphone. Most people don’t realize how adaptable and universal it has become. Some still think it’s only for bloggers. Any website you could hope for, on any domain sever, with any name you choose – is possible.

Automatically linking to search engines with unlimited plugin potential and with effortless syncing to your social networks, the question should be, “Why not make my website with WordPress?” Well if your business wants to spend €10,000 on a very unique site, then don’t use WP. If you’re a top brand that needs unique design and user interface, then hire the best web builders in the business. If you (like us) are just a regular business, save yourself some major capital and headache. Use WordPress.

Marvelous Digital can help you get started, walk and talk you through the process, help when it all gets too much. We make any template look ‘nicer’. Above all, costs will be extremely affordable, between €500 and €900, that is our guarantee.

We show you how the whole ‘web’ thing works, teach you what you need to know and we do what you can’t.

The growth area today is web shopping, web stores are crucial for any small business to survive. Like WordPress, Shopify is just one of many template driven websites that enables you to build your store. It can seem a bit daunting at first, it requires maintenance and a total commitment to customer service. We can help you get started, show you what to look out for and teach you the desk-top-publishing skills that will be needed.

Some of our Marvelous Word websites:








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