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‘Z’ Krant Amsterdam

I’ve recently been asked to help with social media for a charity which is close to my heart, and for which I volunteer one day a week. At a time when many people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with excessive posts and sponsored ads on Facebook, we keep it simple with thought provoking images and ideas. Enough is enough.

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Peterson’s of Dublin and The International Pipe Smoking Community

99% of people who use the web, only view the web. A mere 1% actually add content. It’s Marvelous to be part of that minority. Today blogging and Youtube increases both  friendship and revenue. People want to meet you, they want to know what others think about your business. Social media means taking a brave step, placing you and your business out there, in the hands of others. Scarey perhaps, but the rewards are immense and you’ll be amazed where the journey takes you. Contact us to see how you can utilize all social network platforms to meet interesting people and markets.
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