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2014 saw another large client for the Non-Profit sector added to our list. The British Lung Foundation helps people deal with illness. Lung diseases are many but not always terminal. Giving hope requires practical information, it helps a sufferer realize all is not lost and steps can be taken to improve their standard of living.

Marvelous produced a well thought out and tested Patient Diary, putting control back into the lives of individuals. Needless to say such materials cost money to produce and distribute, which is why the British Lung Foundation maintains constant fundraising incentives. These also require well thought out materials. Usually fundraising events revolve around sporting events such as sponsored walks and cycling, they create awareness of the Foundations work, but also raise much need funds while improving the heath and fitness of participants. A great client, we do our best to provide all marketing materials at real low costs.




It was with great pleasure that I could add a long time friend to my list of clients. Conor Robinson of CBR, is a remarkable individual. Intelligent, highly focused and superbly humane, one would ask why he became a lawyer in his late forties? Simply, he is driven to pursue in life what he enjoys best. Switching fields from businessman to the world of commercial law may seem to some – a backward step. But to those who toil daily in business, it is a God sent. A modern brand identity was created for website and stationary. We’ve provided a foundation in design which will support the company on it’s way to the forefront of corporate law in Ireland.



&samhoud are the fastest growing management consultants in The Netherlands today. In just two weeks we moved their corporate image forward by two decades. A revamped logo in tune with the digital age, colour and tone being ramped-up to modernize the graphic shape. In need of change management, then meet Salem Samhoud at:


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Through a period of rapid growth Marvelous worked directly with the marketing department at TomTom. Projects varied from print materials to in-store displays units. Intense and intelligent marketing are a major reason why TomTom are a world leading brand. The experience reminds us that all great brands start with a good company and a great product. Learn more about the product:




GumNasbag – a successful promotional gift, a portable ashtray that extinguishes a cigarette in 20 seconds but also doubles as a trash bag helping to keep our public places clean and gum free. The digital design was simple and colourful with emphasis being placed on the chewing gum rather than the smoking element. The product comes in a multitude of designs and fabrics. To use this great product to help promote your environmental image contact Anna at:

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Marvelous helped to build on a strong brand by using world champion kite surfer Ruben Lenten to promote Nikon’s photo archive website. Nikon’s Picturetown



ADK Europe is part of the WPP group with HQ based in Tokyo. It is their unique understanding of Japanese business methods combined with a worldwide network of market researchers that wins them clients like Kikkoman. Marvelous was brought in to develop campaign ideas, digital guidelines and a digital media pack for role-out to all European marketing departments. In my 26 years of advertising never before I have witnessed the core elements of brand and marketing so superbly reduced to their crucial elements, providing both the tools and giving full creative control to regional managers. If you need intelligent research for your business or product, talk to Rob Findlay at ADK Europe.


“Helden in de Sneeuw”, a campaign for Netherland’s leading winter sports union providing discounts and advice for diehard outdoorists. A media campaign created and directed for a budget of €3,000! We photoshoped six of Holland’s up and coming winter sport stars. Digital retouch was kept to a minimum, showing sports people as they look after a grueling training session.

Web promotions work best if they load quickly and deliver selling points even more quickly. Just one of many reasons why Canon have dominated our new digital age so effortlessly. This direct mail and online promotion campaign by Marvelous was just one of many such web successes.

Healsio is an oven that cooks with water. With popular use in Asia already established a campaign was created to educate Europeans about the obvious health benefits of this still widely unknown product.


We learned how to be Marvelous by working on big campaigns and few come bigger than Adidas or Nike. It takes hard work to reach cult status in advertising. Little did Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy know he was building the world’s most creative independent ad agency when he scribbled, “Just do it”, as a young writer. The rest, they say – is history.