User…is tired


User Interface is a term we often see. We all have one. I don’t own an ipad, but I do have a smart phone, which, BTW, is not the same brand as the computer on which I write. My TV is smart, and I can make it even smarter if I connect it to one of my many Apple’s, there, I said it.

I was briefed on some visuals for the latest User Interface which is set to dominate our living rooms – the Smart TV. I did my best to produce a look and feel that is familiar, rather that reinventing, I tried to give the client an idea of how it might look while the product was still at the R&D stage.

How many more interfaces must the user get to grips with? Luckily a new cognitive language is starting to emerge. One that we all quickly recognize. I shall do my best as a graphic designer to keep it that way. To utilize what consumers know, and to give their eyes and brains, a little vacation.


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