‘The idea is not king, the customer is’

Bijen BGsWe help companies by bringing all-round ad agency skills to marketing teams and departments. That’s what we like to do best, blurring the line between the ad agency and your marketing people. Companies today realize that the ‘creative industry’ is limited in its ability to increase sales. Our policy is simple, ‘the idea is not king, the customer is’.

That means you offer the consumer of your product or service the best possible price and service. This starts by controlling your costs and your brand. Keeping all things possible – within the four walls of your business.

You are your own best doctor, you already know your market and the problems reaching it. By all means pay for better research, increase advertising budgets wisely, but keep your marketing in your hands.

You do this by developing your own designs and campaigns, by motivating your employee’s to communicate directly on social media platforms. Take your own photography, art direct it, say where and how it should be used, and then YOU press print.

Inspire your IT department to be better webs designers. Find great writers in your business that are enthusiastic about the product. The list is one of endless possibilities. The key is to make your own company and people your biggest advertising campaign and let them know it’s in their hands and nobody else’s.


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